Customised Training

The personal approach from the team at Tactical Trainer ensures that our clients' needs and expectations are not only met but exceeded. Our highly qualified training facilitators are passionate about up skilling the nation's workforce, and it is this passion and enthusiasm that sets Tactical Trainer apart from their competitors. Tactical Trainer remains committed to the delivery of high quality education and training for both individuals and businesses alike.

Our courses are often delivered in-house, so that your employees do not have to travel to another venue.  However, in some instances, organisations prefer to have their training done off-site, away from the distractions of the workplace.  We source appropriate venues which offer excellent lighting, break-out areas and are in easy-to-access locations.

Our Approach

There are three distinct components to our approach to training: development, delivery and evaluation.

We begin by undertaking a Training Needs Analysis, which helps us to gain a thorough understanding of your business and the challenges you are facing.  This is what enables us to tailor the training to meet your specific requirements.

Each course is carefully constructed to ensure that all learning styles are accommodated, and to maintain engagement throughout the course.  We understand that people learn best by doing and experiencing rather than ‘just being told’.  For that reason, our courses all utilise a variety of techniques to help the learning ‘stick’.  For the ‘visual learners’, we use PowerPoint and demonstrations, stories and discussions for the auditory learners and exercises, activities and games for the kinaesthetic learners.  Our courses are designed to be interactive, enjoyable and ‘comfortable’ for delegates, so that they retain the information and feel confident that they can apply it in the workplace following the course.

Each delegate receives a comprehensive workbook which has been tailored to meet the specific objectives identified during the Training Needs Analysis, and a certificate of attendance is awarded upon completion of the course.

At the end of the training session, we ask each delegate to complete an evaluation form.  This allows us to analyse feedback and assess whether we have met the agreed goals.  We also offer delegates email access to our trainer for three months following the course, so that each delegate has the opportunity to follow up or clarify any outstanding queries that may arise following the training course.

Money Back Guarantee

Our reputation is built on ensuring that we meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.  For this reason, we offer a 100% money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied that the training has delivered the required results.